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Published by Porfiri & Horváth Publishers


With text adapted from Matthew 17:20 and Proverbs 16:20, As Small As A Mustard Seed was dedicated by Warren Lee, Music Director of the College to the boys and girls of the St. Paul’s Co-educational College Primary School Young Children’s Choir. With the underlying chromaticism of the opening bass line, the majestic piano introduction presents the seemingly immovable “mountains” of life’s struggles and obstacles. But when the purity of the children’s voices is heard in singing, “If you have faith in Him, even if it’s as small as a mustard seed, then you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there.’” a stark contrast and a sense of inner peace is found in the music. The rising “mountainous” octaves of the piano are heard again at the end where the children sing, “Witness the mountains, ‘Move from here to there.’” as if the mountains are being moved by the strength of the children’s faith.

As Small as a Mustard Seed

  • Inclues 4 songs and notes; 36 pages

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