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For the generation of Hong Kongers who either studied abroad or served the so-called “emigration jail time” in the pre-internet era, the calling code of (852) evokes a particular nostalgic sentiment. Inspired by memories and snapshots of Hong Kong both now and then, here and from afar, the (852) Choral Suite is a collection of songs in Broadway style, telling tales about the very place the composer calls home.


對於一眾成長於沒有互聯網年代,曾往外國留學或嘗過移民監的香港人,(852)這個香港專屬的國際區號,想必會讓他們泛起陣陣曾經熟悉的感覺,勾起段段令人懷緬的回憶。 透過四首以百老匯風格所寫成的歌曲,《捌伍貳合唱組曲》結集了過去與現在的香港故事,與大家遊走在時間長廊中笑話當年,每個音符都蘊含著作曲家對這個他稱為家的香港的思念與情懷。



《茶餐廳》Hong Kong-style Café


《蝸居。窩居》Nano Flat
《紅白藍精神》The Canvas Bag Spirit

Warren Lee (852) Choral Suite

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  • Inclues 4 songs and notes; 36 pages

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